Hello Gem Team,
I represent the team at EthereansOS. We are contacting you with regard to our Items standard tokens not displaying and functioning properly in your marketplace.
These tokens are of a new token standard that we have developed called the ‘Item” standard, and we would like to request your help in fixing this issue so that they function and display properly on your platform.
Here is a basic summary of the Items standard from our documentation:
‘Items are perfectly interoperable tokens on top of Ethereum. They can act as ERC20s, ERC1155s and as more advanced tokens with state of the art capabilities, while maintaining backward compatibility with applications based on the ERC20 and ERC1155 standards.’
Now, there are two peculiar features of Items that I believe are causing the issue of not displaying tokens of our Item standard on your platform.
Every Item has two interfaces.
a) The first is its ERC20 interface (AKA its ‘Interoperable Interface’), which allows it to act as a typical ERC20. Each Item has its own unique ERC20 interface.
Here is an example of an Item’s Interoperable Interface contract:
b) The second is the ‘Main Interface’. This is a single ERC1155 interface shared by all Items. Within this interface, which is a singleton contract, Items are compartmentalized into virtualized Collections. To simplify things, these Collections are like ERC1155 Collections. Through their respective virtualized Collections within the Main Interface, Items can act as typical ERC1155s.
It is by having two interfaces that allows an Item to be ‘perfectly interoperable’. To elaborate, this means that Items can be both pooled on Uniswap as well as listed on Gem, for example; this is also how they can act as both ERC20s and ERC1155s.
The Main Interface has 18 decimals, unlike the classic ERC721 and ERC1155 NFT standards. This is likely not the issue as our Items standard tokens are not showing up at all on your platform.
Here is a link to the Main Interface contract:
I think there is a strong possibility that the "two interfaces" for our Item standard is causing our tokens not to show up properly on your platform. It seems that any token standard that deviates from the standard ERC20/ERC1155 does not show up properly.
Could you please respond so that I can coordinate with a member of your technical team to get this issue resolved? We strongly believe that our token standard supercharges token functionality and that more projects will be adopting it soon. We would like to ensure that your users have the ability to interact with and trade tokens that are made with our standard. Thank you.
Warm regards,
EthereansOS Team